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01 feb

Date: June 15 2020

Covid-19 forces artists to think out of the box.

If you are like us, finding places to play is the challenge. I was reading the new issue of Austin Monthly Mag and they had a piece on DJ Mel and his Living Room Dance Parties. This is a great thing, but it makes me think about what more we could be doing. I would like to call out to all our local entertainers to see if we can think out of the box, and have discussions about a way forward here. Good luck, be safe, and play on!

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20 jan

Date: Jun 6 2020

DKODE releases his new track title “Bounce”

BassMinistry would like to give a shout out to one of our founding members for a new track release. Do your part, show some support, here it is: "Bounce" Trap. Released 6/1/2020

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21 Sep

Date: Sep 21 2019

Bassministry breaks Mixcloud top 20 US Drum & Bass Chart

We were more than please to have on of our mixes break mixcloud's Top 20 Drum and Bass charts in the US (89th globally)

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About the band


"Some of the most powerful experiences I've had are those where I have brought people together through music. New friendships, new families,... because of music."


I am DJ MSRE (em·is·sar·y) & BassMinistry is my way of reaching out to the local Austin community of artists and performers to join in helping bring people together through our music. Music is the universal language that binds us together. The power of music to heal, empower, and unite is palpable. It is my goal to deploy it to the fullest extent and make the world a better place!

With all the problems in the world today, we don't need another problem... We need more solutions. While some may scoff that music can't make any measurable change, those who know will join us to prove otherwise. We are looking for other locals, like DKODE, to work with. Please contact us and join us in our mission. Lets jam, plan, and make it happen

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